Microdel LTD (Entrepreneurship project management)-  sea dream fisheries

As an entrepreneurial company that takes great ideas and executes them. To facilitate this the company was looking for a great way to help them raise funds for their initiatives.
After researching their idea of land based fisheries in conjunction with the target audience, we produced an animated film for the pre-business plan stage to show the vision and level of initiative.
The film details the problem, presents the solution and finally refers to the economic aspect and market analysis. Investors get all the Important details broken down quickly and easy to understand.
Essentially it is the business plan in film version. After viewing, investors had the needed inspiration to go into more details reading the business plan.
Today the company opens every conference and meeting with the film, it evokes in them and the crowd excitement, improves disposition and a betters the understanding of the initiative.
So far, they have managed to raise $ 7 million for the developer.