Bio-nexus (Software Process efficiency solutions)

After experiencing difficulties in their sales cycle BioNaxos approached us looking to solve possible barriers in explaining their computerized optimization services to potential clients.
As we worked through it, we came to the insight that customers did not always understand how the Bionexus solution could fit into their industry. To target this difficulty, a 3D film was made explaining and simulating the system in its natural environment. The results have been highly successful, has their sales team discovered that the 2-minute film saved them the a 40-minute explanation marathon. Now both client and salesperson are fresh for the sales process while still having the system and its benefits clear. In light of this success, the company has since issued 3 more films- one for each product. Today they present the film at every meeting, starting the process of selling from this. The films are 3D animation, combined with the company’s interfaces which simulate the operations and displaying the solutions capabilities.